Community Connections

Support for Youth Entrepreneurs
There are hopeful signs about the future of our communities...

Your community's future could all start with Community Connections!

Does that sound too simple? It probably is, but everything has to start with something, so why not start with offering community members Community Connections at a fun-filled event where everyone comes together to eat, talk and dream of ways to support your community's youth who are learning about entrepreneurship.

Why Community Connections?

We asked a group of young entrepreneurs what a guide to help communities encourage them with their business ideas should encompass. They talked of needing encouragement and respect from adults in their communities, as well as needing community members to support them by being their customers.  They told us of many experiences they have had within and near their own communities, and most (not all) said that they had a great deal more success outside than within their own community.  Every one of the youth we visited with told us that, given the choice, they would like to stay in their home community to build their businesses.  Not everyone felt that they would be encouraged to stay.

When we thought about what we should call a guide to help communities encourage youth who are learning about entrepreneurship we thought about the connections that needed to be made-within and outside of the community.  Thus the name Community Connections.

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