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A Template for Session 3 - Intergenerational Dialogue

Session 3 Introduction

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This template can be used as a guide for session 3 using Community Connections activities and worksheets.  This template is based on a three hour meeting. Everyone attending should have a copy of, or be aware of, the ESI (EntrepreneurShip Investigation) Curriculum. Change the times as needed for your Community Connections project...

This session has been pre-recorded and is available on this website. Times may vary with each group depending on the amount of time needed to complete the exercises. Time for each exercise has been built into the video, however, the video can be paused at any time to allow for more time. All activities are interactive and are explained in the video.
Presenter: Dr. Sue Schlictemeier-Nutzman Ph.D.
Director, Business Leadership Program, Office # 292, Walsh Administration Building
College of St. Mary, 7000 Mercy Road, Omaha, NE 68106
Office:  402-227-3485
Cell:  402-416-8599


Section 1
(Approximately 40 Minutes in duration)
Download Section 1a Powerpoint »

Dr. Sue Schlictemeier-Nutzman

Activity:  Fastest Football
Supplies Needed:  Football per team, four to a team

Activity:  The World Has Changed
Supplies Needed:  Blank sheets of paper, pencils or ink pens


Download 1b Powerpoint »

Activity:  Key Facts Exercise

Matures Generation  -  86 + Years of Age
World War II Generation -  64-85 Years of Age
Baby Boomers -  45-63 Years of Age
Generation X  -   28-44 Years of Age

Supplies Needed:  Blank sheets of paper, pencils or ink pens


Break- 15 Minutes Suggestion for Break:  Have snacks depictive of Baby Boomer Generation
Section 2
(Approximately 40 minutes)
Download Section 2 Powerpoint »

Dr. Sue Schlictemeier-Nutzmann

Activity:  Key Facts Exercise (Continued)

Generation Y - 15-27 Years of Age
Generation Z - 0-14 Years of Age
Break - 15 Minutes Suggestion for Break: Have snacks depictive of Generation Y and Z Generations
Section 3
(Approximately 30 minutes)
Download Section 3 Powerpoint »

Activity:  Key Facts Exercise (Continued)
                    Which Generation??
Activity:  Team Challenge
Activity:  Intergenerational Activities
Activity:  Compliments


Intergenerational Introduction

1: Introduction


Intergenerational Dialogue
Intergenerational Dialogue - Session 1 Session 3 - WWII Generation Intergenerational Dialogue - Session 3
2: Matures versus Boomers
3: World War II Generation
4: Baby Boom Generation
Part 4 - Gen X Gen Y Part 6
5: Gen X 6: Gen Y 7: Gen Z

Take Home Assignment:  All participating read ESI Unit 2, Chapter 2 "Who's Giving".  Using the information gleaned from today's session, complete the exercises on Pages 2.3  and 2.5.  Try to find examples of individuals for both activities who are from different generations.  Did you find a pattern similar to the values and attitudes discussed for the different generations today??  Be prepared to "report what you learned" as our opener for Session 4.

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